Monday, May 5, 2008

Still no ELU...

So after having done all I can do to find my dog, with no avail, I called Khoury, he was headed to the boulder fields... so I hopped in the car and headed towards Hoover. Upon arrival, I find that Scott is there too. We're in for a little night session. The boys "warmed up" on Super Trip (way out of my grade level at a V6,7,8? I don't even know off hand) so I went and worked on "pregnancy" it's a v2. I sent it.

We reconvened at "tree problem." aptly named in that the hardest part of the problem is keeping your ass off the tree. I took lots of pictures of them climbing this particular problem. Several angles, all quite artsy and fancy, but they need some photo-shoping for added pizazz. But these are my two favorites of each of them:

Scott Ballard

Khoury Wood
After they got tired, they were nice enough to come spot me on Cheese is Good (v2; more my speed) I jumped up on it right away and had no problem throwing to the second move, and then even the third, but my foot slipped and I fell off and to the right, missing the pad almost completely and I was kinda sketched out for the night. I did continue to get up on it, but, as Khoury put it, I lacked commitment. But we only climb for the pictures anyway, right? So here's some shots of me on Cheese:

First attempt... making it to the right hand rail...

then second attempt able to get that left hand side pull, but the right hand didn't want to follow as smoothly...
Here's a shot from the start... just checking it out

Well, a pretty eventful Monday night, at least I got one send in (even if no one was around to see it)

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