Saturday, May 31, 2008

There's no place like Roam

I think that every American youth should participate in a Walkabout.

This country is beautiful, and so many kids take off to Europe and South America to see the "world" before they have even seen their entire country. I really want to see the world, but right now I want to see my home.

I'm in cahoots with some pals about leaving Birmingham in August to do some traveling. It's going to be more of a "Driveabout" really. But I'm pretty sure a year of traveling and "squatting" will do me worlds of good. I want to stay put for the winter for the most part, so I've had some email conversations with my dad's friend in Jackson Hole about staying with her for a month or so while I find some work and save up more money half way through the trip to keep on trucking west to Washington and Oregon and then down the coast, taking the southern route home via the Grand Canyon.

Naturally, this trip has a motive: CLIMB the best rocks in the country. It just so happens that the best rocks in the country are located in some of the most scenic places on the continent.

I've gotten a notebook (thanks Alison for that idea) and I've made lots of notes about places I want to see and their distances from the other places I want to see. The people that are interested in this trip and I are going to have a sit-down and figure out if it makes sense that we travel together or not. I would like to have a travel buddy, but I think that more than one is probably not the smartest idea, especially in one car. I'm thinking of suggesting we "great American race" it, paired in two cars and planning tentative spots and dates to meet up, that way we can 1-have two cars and 2-be a little more flexible, even swap travel partners and whatnot.

I'm thinking of selling my car before this adventure starts; putting the money into a savings account so when I get to Jackson Hole if I like it, I can stay and have money saved to buy a car.

All just spit balling here. I'll keep you updated.

Three months to make all these decisions

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