Monday, April 6, 2009

Climbing Season hurry up!!!

Out here there's a running joke that we have all four seasons: Almost Winter, Winter, Still Winter and Summer. 
Well we are in Still Winter- but at least we are having a break from the snow! In fact, the forecast calls for 55 degrees today! It's 11:30 and about 30, so we'll see if it actually gets that warm or not.  It's a different world living out here, weather wise, that's for sure. 

I ran into an old friend I worked with at Jack Dennis (the outdoor shop) at the grocery store yesterday, we've decided it is time to get in shape for climbing! I know all my friends back home are about to start winding down from climbing season as it's getting too warm there, but as soon as the ice melts, it's ON!  I went on a run today (a little run) and then worked out my arms and core with free weights in the privacy of my living room.  Tomorrow I'll be out of commission, as I am getting shots for the Africa trip. But I have the day off Thursday and I think I'll hit the gym for a couple of hours then TC and I are going to do some gym climbing Friday before I have to go to work.  I'm ready to have my climbing body back.  Never mind the fact that I love climbing.  But (to be a tad narcissistic) when I think back on how my arms and back looked... sigh... I'll get there again!! 

So when I think of spring cleaning, it's going to be cleaning up my act.  I've been a little too lazy all winter long and a little grumpy (understatement) so it's time to get up, get out, get climbing again, get in SHAPE! and get happy!! 

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Lorelle said...

ummm... Africa? what? do tell!