Friday, April 17, 2009

Hey Guys!!!

I have had some serious blogger's block! I have several unposted "drafts" on my posting list.  All existential l crap.  I've been "woe is me," and "what am I doing with my life?" and stuff.  The Blogs may or may not get posted... we'll see if I can muddle through the stream of consciousness mumbo jumbo and make something meaningful and interesting.  

ANY WHO!  Here's some goings on...

I got my hair cut.  I have been thinking about it for a while now and FINALLY decided that identity crisis number one is SOLVED... for now. 

Just for shits and giggles, let's explore a couple of years of Hair Do's.
 there's the long and straight circa December 2005

there's the really long and straight December 2008

the brief "hippie" stint of last summer/fall....

then back to the long and straight.... 

:::I would like to comment on the fact 3 out of 4 pictures I am drinking- I do not really drink that much it just so happens that the only time I am ever on the receiving end of a picture is when my friends are drunk. The rest are all self portraits; most are less than flattering.  I only post pictures of myself where I look good.  I am vain like that. I do not want the public to see me with four to eight chins... which happens. so. in conclusion, don't judge me. Thank you::::

AND, now ladies and gentlemen, without further ado....  I give you the new and improved Patricia Ann Ireland. 

It's funny how I move to the biggest bum town in the country (where, by the way, women apparently find it acceptable to go the the bar in sweatpants) and discover that I am, in fact, a girly girl. 

GASP!!!!!!!!!! I totally hear ya.  I NEVER thought it would happen either. Part of me is ashamed that I have become the girl I used to make fun of. BUT, I have discovered, that I am a lot happier when I look pretty.  It's not a vanity thing (well maybe a little), but when I get all dressed up and made up, I feel better. I'm sure there is a psychology on it somewhere, I'll look it up for you later. Regardless.  I am a bona-fide girly girl. And I'm totally fine with it. I am still me, and I will still get dirty and play in the woods, climb rocks and throw snowballs at people.   However I am making a point when I am not in the woods to look nice. It makes every experience more fun.  I am even putting makeup on before the 6am shifts. Woa!

In other news, my favorite little husky pup is doing well.  She's been running alongside Mommy taking bike rides almost every day.  She has played ball in the park.  We have been on Puppy Rides to see Aunt Lola.  Elu loves Jackson very much, and really doesn't want to leave. She has made neighborhood friends, even snuck out in the middle of the night to be a rebellious teenager with the 'hood.  She's brought friends home. Here's a picture of my little pre-teen in what is likely to be the last year I can dress her like a little girl for Easter.... 

Elu says I love you and I hope you had a Happy Easter!!! 

Well, more to come later... I'll let you absorb these things for a day or two.  Smooches!! 

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visionsound said...

Beautiful! It looks, in the words of me, awesomefuckingtastic. But you knew I would say that, probably. Not that exact word, since I only made it up a few weeks ago. But the sentiment...