Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I have just fallen in love! With Jackson, that is.  I mean, I was always in love with this town, but now I'm totally enamored. 

Today, was Gaper Fool's Day.  A Gaper is essentially a tourist, it's a rather condescending term (actually I am kinda a gaper because I'm a beginner too... but in order to be a true gaper you have to be on vacation).  So, Gaper Day is a (non-sanctioned) event at the Village.  Everyone skiis and snowboards dressed up like a gaper in brightly colored goofy outfits, or jeans, or sumo wrestler costumes, etc.  I saw a lot of onesies and high pony tails with ear-bands.  In laymen's terms: it's make fun of the tourists day.  

I had to work until 2, so I just threw on my snow pants and grabbed my dog and headed out to the village to meet up with my friends who were just finishing up their last run.  There were a ton of people at the bottom of the hill, just drinking, hanging out, listening to live music, playing with their dogs, socializing, and wearing ridiculous costumes.  Now, if you will refer to one of my other posts, (Fat Tire's Tour De Fat), you will recall that I really like events where people get silly and have a good time.  This was no exception.  

The area in question is at the base of the mountain.  The Tram tower is the center of excitement with people gathered to toss snowballs at the tram car as it pulls out of the station.  People hoot and holler at the people riding to the top of the mountain, dressed a fool.  
Those that were done skiing for the day simply drank and acted a fool. 

I indulged in two of the finest PBR's while chatting with friends and smiling at cute boys and enjoying the sunshine.  

And Elu had a pretty good time chasing other dog's tennis balls, running wide open with 15 other dogs and sniffing dogs/people/beer cans.

And we wrapped it all up with a nice home cooked meal with a few friends...

Today is pretty much my favorite day
Perfect Cure for Cabin Fever. 

Happy Gaper Day/April Fools
Happy Spring and Sunshine to you ALL!!!! 

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