Sunday, September 7, 2008

getting lost to find yourself (part 2.1)

I made it to Colorado...

Left Knoxville Early in the morning after getting my car looked at. It is my oxygen sensor. Basically I'm getting 2 mpg less than usual, but the car is drivable, although not very eco-friendly. Drive from Knoxville to Omaha, Nebraska in one day. Got up Friday morning and drove to Fort Collins Colorado (I have some interesting things to say about my car ride, but it's not nearly as cool as what I've done since I've been here, so I'm skipping out of order for the sake of your entertainment).

When I got to Colorado, I met up with my friend Mike, his girlfriend, Anna and his roommate Burch. I was at their house long enough to take a shower and get cleaned up before heading out to Mishawaka Amplitheater to hear the Emmit-Nershi Band. We camped out on the island in the river. Elu went with us, and had a ball. We left her in the car to sleep while we went to the show, but before and after the show, she hung out with other dogs and swam in the river and ran around- she had a ball, and so did I!

We woke up early the next morning to go to the Tour de Fat in downtown Ft Collins. I cannot even begin to describe this, so I'll say a couple of facts and then let the pictures speak for themselves. One: 7,500 person bike parade Two: Fat Tire donated the beer and all proceeds go to helping make Ft. Collins a more bike-friendly place to live. Three: Everyone (mostly) wore costumes.

a girl traded in her car for a phat Fat Tire bike...
and the head liner for the evening was the March Forth marching band and dancers.. this chick was the most amazing hula hooper...

computer's about to die and I want to get this posted so more to come on part two later.

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