Saturday, September 20, 2008

What's a girl to do....

on a rainy Saturday out west when SEC football doesn't come on TV?? Luckily the Auburn game will be on later this evening. The first football game on local television doesn't come on until 1:30- obviously these people do not GET college football.

I remember when I was little, all dressed up in my Auburn Cheerleader outfit, clutching my plastic streamer and getting out of the car down on the plains... The sound of the drum line warming up by the Eagles' cage made my heart leap! Walking into that stadium and seeing the players warming up on the field and the roar of the crowd getting excited made my heart feel warm. Even in the crisp air of late October, you felt all warm inside. As I got older, I learned to appreciate the players and the calls and learned to bitch and moan about bad calls... There's nothing like going to an SEC football game.

One year, I remember my cousin being asked to leave the sky box because he dropped the f-bomb one too many times (Auburn was losing and it was justified, but there were very important people around). It was a time with family and friends, yelling and screaming, sitting down was nearly impossible.

Out here, football is a Sunday thing, pick a pro-team and cheer along... but where is the heart?

The west has everything I want: scenery, outdoor activities galore, good people, good beer and wide-open spaces, but sacrificing football for all that? WOW! I'll tell ya, it's pretty tough.

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