Friday, September 19, 2008

on a lighter note...

Okay okay, I didn't mean to take my lighthearted and fun loving blog to the dark side by talking about politics. My family already thinks I've "gone off the deep end" when it comes to my political opinions, so I guess I'll leave that alone for now.

SO, on a lighter note:
I have found roommates! Shane, a 23 year old Jackson Hole local girl (by local I mean born and raised!) and Nathan, a 25 year old investment banker on sabbatical from Boston. We met for drinks yesterday evening and ended up hitting it off big time. I'm very excited about the possibility of living with these two. We all have a lot in common and a love for throwing parties, but also a mutual need to have our house NOT be grand central station. So, hopefully it will all work out.
and even better:
We may have found a house! (there are actually two that we are talking to landlords about at the moment)
It's a little out of our price range, they are asking $2,900 a month!! But Shane and I are each willing to pay up to $700. And Nathan said he didn't mind picking up some slack, but that's a lot of slack, so we're going to try and talk them down. But before you go thinking "DAMN! that's a lot of freaking money for a house!" let me tell you that this is a pretty reasonable amount to pay here in Jackson. A studio apartment the size of my kitchen back home goes for $750 and more. This particular house is ON the Snake River, 10 miles south of Jackson. It's actually a four bedroom, so we could get a 4th roommate, but I am wary of living with more than two other people...
However this house has a fenced in yard for the puppies, laundry room, and a huge patio/deck overlooking the river. I'm just saying...

The other house is a little high as well, maybe they are willing to come down just a little... but this one is on Snow King mountain. It is a three bedroom log cabin with a sauna and heated floors. HEATED FLOORS!! how cool is that?!?!

I haven't seen either one of them in person yet, so I'll be sure and take pictures when I do.

Job front:
bad day on the job front. I spent 3.5 hours at the local resort (I won't say which one to protect the company's reputation) interviewing for a job that in the end they didn't offer me because HE was convinced that i didn't want the job. Which is not entirely true. I would have enjoyed the job just fine, but today I had a severe cold and felt like crap and couldn't get excited enough about the job to convince him that I was going to be good at it. Needless to say I left a little pissed off that I had gotten my sick self out of bed to interview for a job that I "didn't want."

The current house:
We finally have GRASS!!! they sodded the yard today, and it looks great. Elu doesn't know what to do with the sprinkler system, it keeps catching her off guard, it's pretty funny.

The ego:
My head is okay, a little bruised after the job fiasco, but I will bounce back. As soon as I get over this cold/sinus thing I will most likely get the happy back fully.

Stay tuned....

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