Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekends in Jackson...

so... since I last posted a lot has happened.

Yellowstone was amazing, as you can see from the pictures, the complete album of pics if up on Facebook, if you have it go check it out. We drove all over the park (west side at least) and went into Montana for a second, first trip to Montana, I had Arby's there (which was nice 'cause there is no Arby's in Jackson).

Yellowstone trip was Wednesday. Thursday I met Shane at the Cadillac for happy hour and a Burger. Upon arrival, I run into our friend Eric and Christen and her boyfriend. We ate there, left and went to the Tavern, watched Oregon State upset USC, (Badass game btw) then we went to 43North and saw a jazz band. Overall, great evening.

Friday I went hiking the Teton National Park. We went up Death Canyon. It was about 4 miles in and then back out. I forgot my camera, and I'm kicking myself for it because it was so beautiful. The Rockefellers used to OWN the mountain, luckily they were generous enough to share this majestic land with the rest of the country. We hiked into Phelps Lake, it was about 2 miles to get to the back side of the lake. I have never seen water so blue! In the summer, it is swimmable, but it's never what one would call warm.

After the hike, I met Shane and some of her friends at the "feeding grounds" (Game and Fish land). We played Frisbee and drank beer by the river while the dogs ran and played. That puts us at Friday night, oh what a night! I met up with Liz and Mel around nine o'clock for a night of bar hopping, which ended at 43North for a DJ dance party!

Saturday I met up with Shane for breakfast and helped her go shopping for an outfit for the Ski Ball, the black tie blue jeans fundraiser for the Jackson Hole Ski Club.

While looking for a pair of cowboy boots for her to wear with her new skirt we ran across Crocs boots. We had to leave the store because we were laughing so hard. We also went into the fur and leather store- wow! rich "cowboys" in Jackson are my new favorite demographic!

Went home and watched the Auburn Game, WAR EAGLE, even thought the game was horrible, at least we won. Went to Sidewinders to watch the Georgia game, sorely disappointed in the outcome of that game! But there were some good plays: like the 80 yard touchdown run (4th quarter I think). Honestly, the game, although I hate Alabama and wanted Ga to win, really wasn't the fun part of the evening, it was being with friends (from the south) and drinking whiskey and pretending we were in the south for football season. After the game, the evening turned to another night of beer drinking and bar hopping.

Sunday, was a day of rest, as it should be. Caught up on Entourage, Californication, and Dexter. All fantastic shows that I highly recommend if you have HBO or Showtime.

Today: back on the job hunt, I applied at Jackson Hole Groceries on Thursday, and spoke to the woman in charge of hiring, she said she would call today or tomorrow, so I may run by there and see if we can chat today. Have plans to go to the dollar store and get some stuff for the new house (we move in weekend after next!!!)

That's about it guys, I promise to be more entertaining in the future, less list-y... but I'm at a loss for creativity at the moment.

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