Wednesday, September 10, 2008

She needs Wide Open Spaces!

Some things I learned while driving cross country:
  • apparently in the back-woods in North Carolina there is a market for single-wide trailers with the "log cabin" look- I'm talking plastic logs glued to the outside of the trailer.
  • Shelby and Jefferson are both VERY common names for counties
  • if you're driving through Kentucky, make time to stop at the Bourbon Trail... sounds really interesting
  • your favorite music is not always the best to drive to. However, Fall out Boy surprisingly makes for great solo-road trip tunes
  • Sunflower seeds are excellent to subside hunger between pit-stops
  • Audio Books will SAVE YOUR LIFE when you're in the car for 13+ hours. It's like watching TV, but better!!
  • replace windshield wipers before leaving your city.
  • Dogs make excellent travel companions
  • always a good idea to have a road trip mascot- I had Figment, he's the mascot of good luck and imagination

So... latest update. I'm now in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I left Fort Collins about 5pm because my car was in the shop ALL day! I was able to get laundry done before leaving, so it wasn't such a bad thing after all.

I headed north towards Jackson. All was fine, the car's running smoothly and the dog's nice and worn out from playing with Burch for hours
so I'm just cruising along.
I turned over 100,000 miles in Wyoming:

Around 9 or 10 o'clock I got REALLY sleepy, so I pulled over at the nearest rest stop and closed my eyes for about 30 minutes. Not long after I continued driving I got to Lander, Wy. Actually it's a really cool looking town, but I stopped and got some coffee and filled up with gas again and kept on going. Lander is about two hours from Jackson. SO I'm cruising along again, wide awake and happy. I'm the only person driving on this road, maybe a truck every now and then (not on the interstate, no no, the interstate doesn't come anywhere near Jackson) so UP over the mountain... two deer cross the road, Elu barks at them, then a little ways further UP over the mountain and a fox crosses the road. Cruising.... then "be prepared to stop" so I slow down and see that there are two trucks with the strobe lights on their roofs. The man comes out to tell me that there's a delay and I'll have to wait about 30 minutes before the roads are opened again.

At this point, it's 12:30. I figure this is a great time to let Elu do her doggy business. I get out and walk her for a second when the man informs me to be careful, there is a rumor of a black bear that roams these parts. "Get in the car, Elu!!!" I roll the windows down just enough to feel the cool mountain air but not too much to allow a bear, or scary psycho killer be able to get to me. Locking the doors, I decide to take this (fully awake time) to do a crossword puzzle. At 1:00 on the dot, we are ready to go. I (along with the Mac Truck behind me and I think a couple more cars) have to follow the "pilot car" through the construction on the road. It takes us another 30 minutes to go roughly 10 miles. Once through the construction, I was about 30 minutes from Jackson. Lola met me at the gas station in town and I followed her to Wilson, Wyoming, just on the other side of Teton Village. It was dark, obviously when I arrived, so I had a beer with Lola and then went to sleep. It wasn't until I woke up this morning that I was able to see the property for what it is. And what it is is AMAZING!!!

Even though it was raining when I woke up, and the day is in general what most would consider "gross" weather, it's just so pretty I can't be bummed out about the weather.

this is the view from the front porch

and the view from the side porch

and my bed room- that couch pulls out

Going to look for a job tomorrow- I'm starting at the 4Seasons. Then heading to the other places in Teton Village (because it's much much closer and I can park just a few miles down the road and ride my bike the rest of the way into the Village) and then I'll head into downtown Jackson.

I also discovered that I need a pair of shoes that slip on, but are closed toed. Like Birkenstock or something- It's too cold to walk outside in sandals, even to run to the car and it's a pain in the ass to pull my boots on for just a second. That being said... I'm off to eat salad and baked potatoes with Lola.

OH, PS- Elu has 40 acres to run and play on and she is SUPER SUPER SUPER excited to have all this room to run and have even some horses to chase!!!

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