Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday Ramblings...

Fist off: Auburn put up a hell of a fight last night! Too bad it wasn't quite enough. I really have nothing more to say about Saturday's game.

Update on the Roommate/Housing front:

Nathan bailed on Shane and I, a room came open in a house with some of his friends and its month-to-month which worked out better for him, so that's fine. Shane and I are back on the hunt, just the two of us.

BUT yesterday I got a call from a girl named Liz, who has one other roommate and they are trying to fill a five bedroom house. They want $540 a month plus utilities, and it's ON THE RIVER!!! I'm going to look at it Tuesday afternoon, hopefully it will work out.

Jobs are still nil. But I am fairly confident that come October, when the snow starts falling and people start leaving, there will be more jobs that open up. I thought that the winter would be the big season here, but as far as people who LIVE here, there are less in the winter, more tourists, but less "locals" in the winter.

I think the snow should start falling soon. We got a little dusting up on top of the mountain yesterday. The leaves are changing, and it's not as pretty as, say, North Carolina in the fall, but it's quite breathtaking none-the-less. There's not a lot of reds and purples like you see in the east, but tons of golden, majestic yellow everywhere.

In Elu news:

Elu has a new calling! She is now a "ball dog." Whenever Lola goes out to hit tennis balls, Elu goes with her. She waits at the net for Lola to serve the balls

Then she runs after the ball and brings it to the net, so the balls are all in one location when she goes to pick them up.However, sometimes there's too many balls to get, and her mouth doesn't seem to be big enough to fit more than one ball at a time!

In Tricia news:

I'm doing well, I had a rough day the other day, but I guess the rain can follow you anywhere. I didn't come out here to run away from my problems, I came out here for fresh air and wide open spaces and I've found that the air up here really does help to pass the dark times a lot faster!

I miss my friends! I miss my family, but I'm making new friends each day, and hopefully some of them will stick enough to make long-lasting friendships, no one will ever replace my girls and guys back home, but maybe I will find someone that at least fills the gap a little.

Ok, time to take a shower and deal with my dry skin... I should buy stock in Jergen's, if the stock market were a safe place to put my money =P.

Okay ladies and gentlemen! Have a happy Sunday!!!!

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