Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Can't sleep...

The stock market...

I usually ignore the news. Turn it off and watch comedy instead, because these things depress me. But since I've been here, Lola really likes to follow it. Incisively. So I have been following the market and the politics that go along with it.

Somehow I found myself doing more research on the stock market and the other "blacks" we've had as a country....

All the Major Crashes have occurred at the same time of year:

October 29, 1929 (Tuesday)

October 19, 1987 (Monday)

September 17. 2001 (Monday)- this one really doesn't count because it was just out of post-9/11 fear, but then again the Great Depression can be attributed to fear and panic by the American People

September 29, 2008

I have no idea if there is anything more than coincidence on these things, BUT if anyone has any clue as to why it always seems to happen in the fall, please enlighten me.

Moving on, (right after I bury all my money under one of the Teton Mountains)...

Happy thoughts:

I took Elu to the river today to play with JD (Shane's sister's dog) and Bomber (My friend Michelle's puppy) o the river to play... she's completely and utterly passed out right now! She and her furry friends got DIRTY and WET and played and played and played!!!

Then I went and had dinner with the new Roomie and a couple of her friends. There was pizza and football and PBR tallboys. it was super!

I got a box of clothes from my mom... that was cool.

I am ready for snow to fall... A lift pass for the season at Snow King is $179 if I get it before October 31st... come on gimme a job someone!!!! After that it's $209, not too bad for unlimited snowboarding- and on the weekends they keep the lifts open until 8pm! TetonVillage, however is a little more expensive: a season pass is $2,000. BUT You can get a ten day pass for $700, or buy them by the day for $50 a pop... That's a big decision to make. Do I want to just learn how to ski the smaller mountain and take an end-of-the-season splurge at the Village, or go on and buy a pass for the Village and not Snow King? or in a perfect world, get both... I'll keep you posted on what I decide, I think the money will speak for itself, even though there are SO many more trails in the Village...

Okay, Almost Famous is on and I think I'm going to have some herbal tea, watch the movie and try to fall asleep at a semi-decent hour (might be too late for that already, seeing as it's 1AM)

Night all!

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