Wednesday, September 17, 2008

roommates and jobs...

Been looking for a job.

Been looking for a place to live and someone to live with.


There's a lot to do!

The job hunt:
Applied several places yesterday and going to keep on trucking, I interviewed at Eddie Bauer yesterday afternoon, and pretty much have the job there if I want it. It pays decently, but i think I could do better if i worked on a resort, just not sure if I'm cut out for that kinda work or not. I'll keep you posted on further developments

On the roommate front:
There's a website here in Jackson,, you can post free ads and respond to them etc. There are TONS of people looking to rent a room or looking to find a roommate and house-hunt together. I've already had several people contact me and respond to my contacting them. I am meeting with a girl names Shane tomorrow morning for coffee to see if we are truly compatible to room together, so I will for sure let you know what's going on with that as well.

On the friend front:
Lola and I went out to the Wort Hotel with my 2nd cousin once removed, or something like that, Barbara and her friend Shelia. The ladies were CRACKING me up with every guy that walks past me, "What about him?" they would ask. There were two girls dancing to the band and it made me REALLY miss my girls back home. I went up to one of them, her name is Sarah and told her that watching her dance made me sad that I left my dancing buddies behind in Alabama, she invited me to dance with them. I had a blast! After i sat back down at the table, Lola wanted to introduce me to her friend Erin. I walk over to the table and shake the girls hand and hear "Hey, that girl's from Alabama!" I turn around and see one of my old college buddies sitting at the table. "Clint!! I heard you were living out here!" I was so happy to see an old buddy! We exchanged numbers and hopefully I'll get up with him in the near future. He also has a friend that is moving out of a house and looking to sublet her room, the only issue is that I would have to live with three guys... so we'll see about that! Sarah also said she had a friend that needs a roommate. Never say that nothing good comes from drinking beer and dancing!

On the current living situation:
FLIES!!!!!!!!!! We have no air conditioning so in order to keep the house cool we have to open the windows and doors... but then flies come in and raid the house. Elu can't sleep, because flies keep landing on her.

On the stock market:
I'm depressed. the country is in Mayhem!!! Gold is up $86 TODAY! and everything else is down. there's some serious trading going on and I'm very fearful for the future of this country. Scared to death!!!

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