Monday, September 15, 2008

My first weekend in Wyoming

Friday: Lola took me on a little tour of the Snake River... here's some shots from there

Then on Saturday, my friend Pete had the day off and offered to show me around the Grand Teton National Park.

We went off the beaten path and enjoyed the hot springs:

The spring was almost too hot for us to swim in. This little area with the water fall was bearable, but it most definitely was hot!!

This picture was taken on the hike out from the hot springs.

After we got back to the car, we went a few miles down the river and did a little fly fishing. I actually held a fly rod in my hand and was pretty good at casting it. No fish, but I did get the hang of it. Sorry, I forgot to get pics of me actually fishing, but here's the river that I fished.

Driving back from the river I got a cool picture at sunset of the Jackson Lake and the Teton mountains. After a day outdoors, we went and had a burger at the Jackson Lake Lodge.

I went with Pete over to a friend of his house in Driggs, Idaho to watch some football. Apparently everyone out here watches NFL, rather than SEC... but whatever, it was still football. We watched some football, Denver and someone... I wasn't paying much attention, because, well, it's not Auburn and Elu was in the backyard with two other dogs. After watching some football, we went to go play a round of disc golf. I'm terrible at disc golf. But it was nice to walk around outside and see the local flavor of Idaho.

After a rousing game of disc gold, Pete and I went over to his friend Chip's house and ate some dinner, then played a fantastic game of Presidents and Assholes. I was standing President for at least five games!

Today brought me back to the real world just a little bit and I spent the afternoon filling out job applications and paying bills online. Tomorrow is another day of pounding the pavement.

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