Tuesday, April 21, 2009

For your viewing pleasure...

All of these prints are available for purchase through Larry's Website.  
And if you're interested in a teaching safari with Larry, he does them about every other year and you can read more about his safaris here. He does both South American and African Image Expeditions.  contact him at wrensnestgallery@mindspring.com. Tell him I sent you.  

Now without further ado... some of Larry's amazing artwork.

This is the painting my grandfather commissioned.  It was too large to hang in any home Choo-Choo owned, so he donated it to the Annistion Museum of Natural history (link can be found in previous post). 

"Steel and Velvet Leopard"

"Savannah Royalty"

"Center of the Circle" 


Now, obviously I am not a painter, and as far as I know none of my cousins are either- so this is a photography trip.  We will be learning composition so maybe at least my photos will be on par with Larry's amazing artwork.

In other news, it's 60 degrees and SUNNY here in Jackson! I could not be happier!!!

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