Thursday, August 7, 2008

Girl Fight?

Have you ever just really wanted to kick someone's ass?

I mean, I'm a girl, (by no means a girly girl) but most defintitely a passive girl. I've spent countless nights out with my guy friends having to break up fights and stop them from punching someone who was not nice to me, and I just think fighting is really dumb and pointless.

However, lately I've been having really violent dreams, not like stabbing or really hurting someone, but I've had dreams about getting into a girl fight. I'm talking hair pulling, slapping, punching GIRL FIGHT. (stop it now boys; no shirts are ever ripped off)

I just don't get it, I've never so much as raised a hand at someone (maybe my sister a couple of times, but that's besides the point) I'm wondering if my passiveness has gotten the better of me and caused me to build all this anger inside me and my dreams are letting it out? Who knows. It's just stange.



Mom got a trip to Disney World in a silent auction or something back in April... SO Monday morning we're going to Disney!

Keep in mind the youngest person in our family is 19... so we're really reverting back to childhood here. But I'm pretty stoked about it! The last time I was in Orlando we went to Universal Studios and that was pretty wicked, more roller coaters and whatnot, but this time we're doing the actual Disney World parks. Three more days at my job and then we're off to Florida! I feel like I was just there... Oh, right I was!


schiavowned said...

Disney should be fun, enjoy yourself! Don't get in a fight before you leave, don't want to get arrested and miss it!

schiavowned said...

p.s. I commented on the comments you left me, but on the same page.