Friday, August 22, 2008

Update on me...

Sorry I haven't been updating the 'ole blog very much lately, I've been a mess.

I've been mainly trying to get all my crap together for this move, but in conjunction with that I've been blowing off a lot of much needed steam. Now, more than ever before I've been a regular at Baileys. I've been making new friends just to leave them in two weeks and I've been keeping my real friends at arms-length. I'm sure this has a lot to do with the fact that it's easier to leave the people I love if I go on and stop hanging out with them now, I know that's absurd, but must be what I'm feeling.

I woke up early today and Chris and I started cleaning the house and packing things in boxes and making a HUGE dent in the amount of things that has to be done at the house before I leave September 1. I've got four pile of stuff: one pile is the things that are going with me (a relatively small pile). Another pile of things that are going in storage for an undetermined amount of time, another pile that needs to be sub-piled into things that I will need to have shipped to me at different times, and the last pile is things to give away.

I've decided against the garage sale in its formal sense, but I am selling things to friends here and there, mainly big stuff, but also little nick knack kinds of things, so if any one's in the market for anything from a king-sized bed, bedroom suite down to coasters, let me know I've got them.

Okay, back to cleaning and packing and them making some dinner, I plan to reward my hard work with a tasty adult beverage at Bailey's later...

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