Monday, August 18, 2008

just a couple of pictures from Disney World

First upon arriving in Orlando, (after checking into our hotel) we went to the Animal Kingdom theme park. My mother and sister actually got on some roller coasters, which is hilarious, 'cause they are the total opposite of me when it comes to thrill seeking!

This is a picture of the Expedition Everest! It was amazing!
really cool fake tree... The next day consisted of Epcot and Magic Kingdom.

We started off at Epcot. We rode the Figment ride, which is my favorite since I was little, I got a figment toy and tee shirt!!
we got to ride in the front of the monorail between the parks. that may have been the coolest thing ever!
then we went to the Magic Kingdom and played until night time, saw the fireworks and went back to the hotel and crashed out.
The last day we spent the whole day at Hollywood Studios, we saw the coolest stunt show ever!

okay, there's the quick overview of Disney, you really just need to go and see it for yourself.

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