Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The North Face has outdone themselves this year...

Yesterday when I got to work the truck was there...

AWESOME! That means our fall shipment is here and people can stop asking me "when are you going to get this and that" However, for the last week I'm at work, I have about 300 boxes to go through and organize...

they spilled over into the hallway

and the women's bathroom...
And as I'm going through boxes... I get to the inevitable North Face Denali.
Now if you live in Birmingham (or really anywhere in the south) you've seen kids wearing these jackets, you may even have one yourself, if you do- I'm not hating on you... well, maybe a little.

Okay, so seriously, the North Face Denali jacket is my nemeses. It's trendy to wear a 300 weight fleece jacket in 60 degree weather here. Really? 60 degree weather, you're totally okay wearing a long sleeved tee shirt and sandals. but whatever. SO this year, they have upped the ante (so that kids "have to have" the newest most fashionable one) and now they have a camouflage one.


YES! lets make sure our kids are the trendiest rednecks around. OMG can you kill me now?!?!?

and let's not talk about the fact that North Face sold out to Vanity Fair and now all their jackets are made by kids in Taiwan with bleeding fingers making pennies a day so that your kid can look cool in elementary school in a $100 jacket that they are going to outgrow in a year... INSANITY!!!

I'm a big fan of technical clothing, it can serve a purpose to keep you warm, dry and comfortable while surviving the elements, but when an outdoor company sells out to make crap for kids I get a little irritated . Especially when I have to look at 75 Pink and Camo fleece jackets and have ignorant people come in looking for the "face jackets" or whatever version of butchered dumb ass redneck English they choose to speak.

when I say rednecks, I guess here I'm talking the Jed Clampitts of Alabama, the ones who made a fortune building houses when the market was sky high and everyone wanted brand-new houses. the blue collar millionaires with the mini DVD players for each of their 7 kids and the mini 4-wheelers. The kind of people who dress to the nines but still can't speak English correctly. The kind that still think "the south will rise again" while wearing Ralf Lauren Polos. Alabama suburbanites are really a rare breed.

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Kristen said...

I had NO idea that North Face sold out to Vanity Fair! Don't worry...my Kindergartener will not be donning one of these!!! Ridiculous! Poor little Taiwan children!