Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ready for a re-cap from the cruise?

OK, here goes: (If you'd like to follow along with the "virtual tour" you may do so here.)

It was amazing!! Dad and Cheri got married at 1 o'clock or something like that in the Viking Lounge, we took some amazing pictures as a new family, I'll have to get them from Dad before I can share them with you.Immediately after the wedding, Brian and I booked it to the pool where we drank beers and tanned. The pool is SALT WATER, how cool is that? Then we changed for the safety drill, it's pretty much torture: 100 degree stagnant weather listening to them explain how to... hell I can't remember what they were saying it was so damn hot!!

Dad and Cheri

Anyway, after that we ate dinner. I cannot even begin to explain the quality of food. There was something like 167 chefs on board the ship and they did and AMAZING job! I think I hate healthier on the ship than I do at home, I guess with the veggies and the proteins and all the yummy food prepared for me, it's hard not to. After dinner they have a "dessert" shot. A different one each night and they all came with souvenir shot glasses. We got into the habit of pouring them into our coffee, like good (fake) Irishmen/women.

After dinner there was lots of drinking, some karaoke and whatnot, I went to bed extremely early and it was nice.

Day two: at sea.
Worked out, Pilate's, climbed the rock wall, ate some food, took a nap (?) went to dinner, yummy after dinner shot, OH, it was formal night at dinner, and after dinner there was a captain's reception and we drank campaign. I was feeling classy, so I ordered a cosmopolitan. Kevin and I stayed in the lounge for a while and the rest of the folks went to the show. After Kevin ditched me, I decided to walk around for a little while. Spotted a rather large group of guys, figured I'd fit in just fine. aside: for those of you who don't know me, I'm not the type of person you would call "shy" So I saunter up to the group and start off with a smile and a "Hey boys, how ya'll doing." I'm never one to use ya'll too much, but it seems to get a positive response when I'm not in the south, and if I've had a cocktail or too it often slips out.
There were shots bought, drinks had, moved to the "club" dancing, maybe- in general awesome debauchery.... That's all you get =)

Day three:
Grand Caymans.

I guess here is a good time to actually "introduce" you to the family... sorry, I've just been gabbing on about then like you know them: L-R Mark (18), me, Dad, Kevin (16), Cheri, Brian (26) and Kelly (19).

The family went to swim with the sting rays. I know what you're thinking: Don't get stung in the heart... right?!? Well, I survived, even kissed one!
Then, we went snorkeling:
then we went to eat dinner at Margaritaville, along the way we passed this sign and felt the need to take a picture:

Back from Grand Cayman, same ole same ole, dinner, drinks...

Day Three: COZUMEL MEXICO!!!!!

Can't EVEN begin to tell you about the fun we had there!!!! So I'll just post the pictures:

From Carlos and Charlies:
I payed ten bucks for that...
Someone asked us if they could take a picture with all of us, because we were the most fun family they had ever seen.

Also, there's no pics of it, 'cause I was participating: there was a conga line, in which if you participated, you got 5+ free shots along the route... it was pretty amazing.

Brain and I got into the pool at a restaurant in port, and then proceeded to get back on the boat...
After we got back on board and ate dinner, Brian and I tried to stay up... but we eneded up sleeping (fully clothed in our shoes) until 1am, then we went out, pissed off that we had slept so long... but made the best of it and had fun anyway.

Day four: at sea.
By this point my body's starting to feel the effects of the mass amounts of alcohol I've had. I'm by no means a non-drinker, but even this was too much!!! So, how to deal with this? Sit in the pool, take a quick nap then climb in a speed climbing competition... I placed second, got a silver medal for it!Then the last night festivities began, it's like summer camp, you're so freaking tired, but you're afraid you will miss all the fun if you go to sleep, so you just stay up and fight through it... Which I did.

Stayed out too late, hung out with some awesome boys from Florida (same one's I so boldly invited myself to sit with) and enjoyed myself to the fullest.

Day 5:
time to go home. I have no words to tell you how gross I felt having to get up at 7:30 to fly home, only this picture can do the cruise justice:more pictures to come!


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Looks like Big Black Dick gets around!

Kristen said...

Wow! Looks like y'all had a fun time (sorry to use the word y'all:)