Saturday, August 2, 2008

Something is Outta Whack in the Universe...

Is everyone doing okay?

I feel like there's been a lot of turmoil in a very short amount of time. It may have something to do with the Solar Eclipse yesterday. While surfing around the net just now, for links to include in this post, I found some more information on this here.

now I just have to get my chart and figure out what this all means! =)

by the way this is my horoscope for the month *from the same site above*:

Pisces—Its you against the world, dear Pisces, as you sing “I’ve Got To Be Me” and everyone else disagrees. Bosses, spouses, children, friends and lovers all want something different from you than what you want to give. Whether you stand firm (unlikely) or put on your chameleon colors to blend into the background, you are likely to feel stressed at this turn of events. Meditate, do yoga, take deep cleansing breaths. This too shall pass.

WOW! kinda scary how my entire month-long horoscope pretty much was my feelings yesterday. SO maybe I'll be good for the rest of the month?

How did everyone else emotionally do with the eclipse?

I'll let you know what becomes of my chart!

PS_ whether or not you believe in this is totally up to you, and I know that there's a lot quack-like things about this pseudoscience, BUT it's interesting and fun to me to play around with and I think that the way the planets line up and pull and the magnetic energy that comes from that could quite possibly have an affect on people. I'm much more prone to believe the research on bio-rhythms. but i understand if you think I'm nuts.


schiavowned said...

It may be interesting and fun to mess around with, but it's all total pseudoscience. The way those things are written, anyone would be able to apply them to their life in some way.

As far as the magnetic thing goes, I'm pretty sure it's been thoroughly debunked by scientists, google it! Sorry, I'm forever the skeptic.

schiavowned said...

Don't ever forget the words that will give you everlasting success in life:

"Let Jesus take the (roulette) wheel."

Starry Night Astrology said...

Excuse, me! (Astrologer raises hand). First, I would really appreciate it if you didn't call what I do a "pseudo-science." That is a tag stuck on our art by people who refuse to acknowledge even thorough scientific studies that demonstrate a correlation between planetary activity and human action.

Second, as much as these "debunkers" would like us to believe that astrology is disproved by science, the fact is the science they are using to debunk astrology is not even well defined. Magnetism and gravity are recognized as "forces", but did you know that at the current time not even scientists know how they work?

From the article on this page:

The question of why atoms attract one another is still not understood

It follows then, you do not know how these forces work, you can not use them to to support your arguments.

I suspect that as we come to a greater understanding of Universal Forces that astrology as a working system, is not only possible, it would be improbable it does not exist.