Friday, August 8, 2008

re-thinking the move...

First off, I'm still going!!!

BUT we've hit the first major hick-up- Granger, my travel companion/climbing partner is no longer going to be able to go with me.

Can we say solo road trip?

I'm taking donations of any and all books on tape, amazing road-trip music and/or cell phone minutes.

I think this may end up being really good for me-a solo soul searching drive.

HOWEVER, I will gladly accept anyone who wants to sit in the car for three days with me.
I've also decided to change the route now, as I will not be climbing in the New or Red River gorges, unless I find a climbing partner stat! Anyone out there taken this particular trip and have a favorite route in which I will NOT die of boredom through the mid-west?

1 comment:

Tim said...

I think you can definitely pick up some hobo hitchhiker to climb with you!