Thursday, July 10, 2008

Go west young one!

I'm ready! well, in my head I'm ready I still have lots of things to do to ACTUALLY be ready for the move to Jackson Hole.

I have to find someone to rent out my house. I've got a few leads on that one!

I have to find a new car, something bigger than my Civic but not too scarry on gas milage. I was told to bring a 4wd, but I think I'll just bum rides when the snow gets too bad, 'cause I can't afford to drive a 4wd across the country.

I need to get a storage unit

AND have a yard sale.

I have been applying for jobs out there.
I've also planned out the route we're going to take to get there.

From Birmingham we're going to the New River Gorge, in West Virginia for some climbing, then headed about two hours west to the Red Rive Gorge. After that we've found a music festival in Harrodsburg, Ky, then to the Shawnee National Forrest... then we figured we'd just bust ass across Missouri and Kansas, and get to Colorado, depending on the time, we'll hang out in Denver, maybe El Dorado for a day or two before heading up to Jackson Hole!

well, that's what's going on in my moving planning head of mine.

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