Thursday, July 3, 2008

Biner Madness

Granger and I are at work, playing on the gear wall, like we do when he decided to wax philosophical about carabiners... "What is the intended purpose for a carabiner?" he asks. I told him I'd make him a list, so far here's what I've come up with.

uses for carabiners: (in addition to quick draws)

key chain
to clip things to your pack
to keep your chacos (or any pair of shoes with finger pull loops) together
to keep your climbing shoes and chalk bag altogether
chalk bag to harness
bail biners
belt buckle
hair tie holder
jewelry organizer
chalk bag clip
hammock hanger
to clip your camel back from a tree to take a shower
to clip a lantern to webbing hanging from a tree
dog leash
to hang things on the inside of your tent
water bottle (siggs mainly) clip
to fix a toilet
to look cool walking into a bar with caribiners hanging off your pants...

what do you use your carabiner for?

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