Wednesday, July 2, 2008

She feels like kicking out all the windows...


It's been a helluva week guys. Seriously, I've been stressed out and sad and worried and angry and every other kind of emotion you could imagine. I'm only one person and I can only handle so much emotion, especially when the reason for all these feelings (ugh feelings are so very annoying) is another person. This person has drained me... sucked the life right out of me. I once had a professor refer to a person in a similar situation as being attacked by "an emotional vampire". An emotional vampire expects you to be there for them, listen to their problems, their bitching, their SHIT. But as soon as you have a legit problem, or concern, or something you need to get off your chest, they are suddenly way too busy, or have a problem of their own or whatever. OK, my point is not to go on and on about my situation but give you some background on why I so desperately need for things to be about me for just a little while.

aside: I like having this blog, I can pretend that people actually read it and at least I can vent and say what I need to say and get it off my chest... and it can be ALL ABOUT ME!!!

I feel the need to have a ME day, maybe some shopping, a spa day, a hair cut. Girly stuff you know?!?

I mean, I CAN BE a girl! Just 'cause I like to get dirty and hang with the boys doesn't mean that I'm not a GIRL dammit. I look pretty in dresses, I have feelings and I like hugs, and I want someone to take me out to dinner... (boys, take note here if anywhere): CLIMBING IS NOT A DATE. Granted it's awesome fun and I will do it any day of the week, every now and then a girl needs some food that isn't made on top of a jetboil. Every now and then a girl wants to be treated like a lady! Every now and then, a girl wants to hear that SHE (not some other chick) is hot... and trust me beautiful doesn't always cut it, that's nice and all, but we wanna be HOT too.

I'm so very tired of hanging out with my guy friends and hearing all about the HOT women in their lives and how they have perfect breasts and perfect legs and so on and so on. I get it, you're cool enough to pull some HOT leg. But every now and then I would like to be hit on, treated like a piece of meat, I know that goes completely against all my feminist beliefs... but if some girls are treated like a piece of meat, I want to too!!!

What cracks me up is that guys (I'm totally generalizing here)KNOW that the super hot women are generally fake, and won't hang out in a tent with them and won't climb or do any of the things that they like to do, but they date them anyway. Then they spend most of their time with me hanging out in the woods, playing in a tent and climbing, then go home and take their hot women to a real restaurant. And I go home alone. What's wrong with this picture?

I think I need a make-over. I'm gonna try this girly thing (not the whole not getting dirty part, I LIVE FOR THAT!) but at least when I'm in the city, I'll start being a city girl and then I can go get dirty when I'm out of the city.

Anyone wanna help????

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Anonymous said...

I like the name of this post. :) Very appropriate.