Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What's up DOG?

I just received some things in the mail from my future roommate in Jackson Hole. She sent me news papers and brochures and a MAP of Jackson. In the Newspapers there's classifieds for job and all sort of cool stuff. But the coolest thing I've found is this.

There's a sled dog race that starts in Jackson in February, it's kicked off at the winter festival. COME ON!?!? Sled Dogs... Elu the Wonder Dog and sled dogs living and breathing and running and being beautiful majestic animals all in the same place! I'm so excited I can barely stand it.

Could THIS be Elu one day?
I know she's not a pure bred Husky or Malimute, BUT she is strong and determined. I think I'll have to get her a sled to play with.

Elu, might be the coolest dog in the world, I just have to say. For the sake of nostalgia, take a little trip down memory lane with me...

This is Lady Elu (aka Elu the Wonder-dog) on her first day with Mommy...

And here's a shot of her playing with her brothers. They are about five months old in this picture.

Then just before her first birthday I took her to the mountains of North Carolina/Tennessee to do some hiking in the Appalachian Trail
I MEAN!!! no do me a favor, scroll up to the first picture of the Snow Dog and tell me she's not perfect for that!

Then around March, Elu standing tall at 15 months, I take her back to her home in the Nantahala National Forest and we go to the Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest...
I'm really excited about taking my dog-child on the Great American Adventure with me. There's nothing cooler than having a best friend who loves you unconditionally and being able to share something so important and life-changing with her.

and maybe one day, she can pull me through the snow on the back of a sled

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